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Upcoming Litters

             Welcome to Memory Lake Labradoodle breeding Labradoodle puppies since 2005 Our labradoodle puppies are born and raised in our home in SW Florida home. We are serious breeders that believe adult labradoodles that are happy, healthy, and live a normal family lifestlye produce the best possible puppies for you and your family. We all know that labradoodle puppies need proper attention during their early stages of development but so do adult labradoodles to remain happy, and well socialized. The best way to accomplish this is to place our upcoming breeding dogs in guardian homes.  
You may have not heard of this breeding concept before, but we feel it is the best way for us to raise our future breeding doodles.  Please go to our Guardian page to learn more.
We are always interviewing families to join our program. Our families are dedicated to socializing, caring and training these puppies of our future breeding labradoodles.

Shipping available only if buyer views puppy at breeder's home, designated location or has a proxy on their behalf see the pup prior to adoption ... per new federal regulations. 11/2013
We are within driving distance of Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

We are proud to be an accredited member of these premium labradoodle organizations
and to be an
ALAA PAW breeder for health testing excellence.
To produce healthy dogs for sale you must first have healthy parents! 



                                                     UPDATED 9/20/2017
       Memory Lake Hot Miss Macy                                      Bedrocks Parson Red Rock of
                                                                                                      Southern Charm  
        Macy   17 1/2" height   26 lbs.                                   Parson               16 1/2" height   24 lbs.

                                     Click on link above to see puppies on live cam
                                     Click on  Current Litters Macy's puppy pics
                                          Litter will be about to 22-28lbs when mature
                                                 Puppies go home Sept. 30th


            Memory Lake  Bright n Breezy                      Memory Lake Bronson Strikes Again

        Breezy 17" 26 lbs.                                                   Bronson 18" 38 lbs.

                   12 wks.                                                                  12 wks.

                                         This litter will be about 28-38 lbs. when mature
                                        Caramel & white parti or Chocolate & white parti
                                                Breezy is pregnant Vet said at least 5 pups
                                                       Puppies due Oct. 20th
                                                       Puppies go home Dec. 15th 

                                                        Wait list is open
                              INTERESTED IN A PUPPY click here Pricing Information FOR DETAILS