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Current puppies 

 People always ask me how can you do this, raise these puppies and let them go?
Labradoodles are a loving breed and they bring me great JOY to live with and it is so amazing to whelp, nurture, and watch them learn to walk, play, grow and OH that puppy breath!  Along the way I email, talk, send pictures, video clips to families sharing updates on the puppies. We correspond as the weeks go by. I then have the heart filled pleasure sharing the joy the puppy brings to them. I enjoy getting emails and pictures the families continue to send, sharing their puppies stories as they mature. 
I know what I do brings love and happiness to many families, what could be more rewarding?
I enjoy sharing Labradoodle LOVE with our Memory Lake families!

Shipping available only if buyer views puppy at breeder's home, designated location or has a proxy on their behalf see the pup prior to adoption ... per new federal regulations. 11/2013
We are within driving distance of Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.


  We are proud to be an accredited member of these premium labradoodles organizations .
To produce healthy puppies you must first have healthy parents! 

                                                              PUPPY APPLICATION

                                            Patches & Hank PUPS  

                                          Coming in January

                                             LIVE CAM   OFF till puppies arrive

  NEWBORN                                                                        ***********************************************







     Go to our Upcoming Litters page to see the Mom & Dads of these puppies!

     Want to see more of our doodles, puppies and families that own them?


                                 Need more information call  us 239-425-5987    

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