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When I begin breeding we didn't have Facebook..........so now to learn more about ME our guardian doodles and families that have adopted one of our doodles over the past years...

    Memory Lake's Families Testimonials
These are emails from families before (facebook time) you can see many more now on link below..
Memory Lake Facebook 

Hi Valerie!

Just wanted to give you a quick update—Maggie is doing great!  She is really coming out of her shell for us and has the most amazing personality.  She is running and playing with our boys and she has already gotten our other dog, Beau, completely in love with her.  She is coming with us to the studio everyday and has assisted with a few sessions—getting giant smiles from the kids! 

Her training is going well.  She responds really well to praise and has already learned to come, hush and we are working on sitting.  The crate training is going really really well and we have only had two accidents.  We have yet to find any treats that she likes for training—she just sniffs all of them, but has no desire to eat any.Obviously, we are totally in love!  I am attaching a few photos from this morning for you.

My best,Linda

Hi Valerie,
Yea!  Murphy passed his CGC with flying colors last month.  He will start "agility" class in a couple of weeks.  He will love that I'm sure, and work off some of his energy.  He loves dribbling and chasing his soccer ball in the backyard.

Murphy loved our recent trip to Charleston.  He had fun hiking the beach and learning to run alongside my bike.  We're looking forward to vacationing at our cottage in Michigan this summer.  Murphy will have a blast running in the woods and playing in the lake. 

We have included a recent picture of a whopping 26 lb. Murphy!  Do you believe it?  He is a keeper though.
He is the offspring of Dolly & Brutis born July 18, 2011.  He sure gets lots of love, and we enjoy him more each day!

Hope all is well with you and all the doodles.

Lyndelle and Steve

Hi Valerie, 
Kid is the best dog ever! He has so much personality. He's funny, sweet, smart and playful. He loves playing, fetching, looking
out the window, lying around on our laps. 

He was housebroken really fast. We even trained him to ring a bell when he wants to go out. 
People constantly stop us on the street to ask about him. 
He's 33 pounds. Not sure of the height. 
His coat is gorgeous and silky. 
The best part of my day is getting kisses from him when I get home. 



Dear Rochelle & Valerie,
Thank you very, very much for your work in making it possible for Mr. Right to become a member of our family. WE LOVE HIM!!! At 51 I had no idea that owning a dog could be so much fun and a source of such great joy. Mister has been a huge blessing to us all, Paula, Emily, Amanda, and myself, and we want to thank you for the fantastic work you are both doing as breeders of these gorgeous, gentle dogs. As you must already know your work is bringing great joy into people's lives and that must give you tremendous job satisfaction.

One week ago today we brought Mister home. He was pretty fragile for about twenty-four hours but then settled in. He now seems totally comfortable in his new home--the photo was taken in our backyard--and I might say very happy. Life is good for Mr. Right.

Thank you again. We are thrilled with our new dog and look forward, God willing, to many happy years ahead.
John, Paula, Emily, Amanda

 I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how Zoie is.  She is loving her new home and we are loving her beyond words!!
She and all of our other pets are getting along great!  Jessie and her romp like I have never seen. It is so cute!  Zoie is definitely BOSS!
Tiger, our 9 year old cat , showed her who was at the top of the pecking order when Zoie got inside her litter box.  It was the funniest thing I have ever seen our animals do.
House breaking is going well most days with few and little "oops" at times.  She starts on our invisible fence this week so that will be nice because they can all play together outside without a leash.  She has learned to "sit" "lay down" sometimes "shake" and knows her name.Most nights we are up to 8-9 hours of sleep which is good for us.  She pretty much does what we say for her to do and she is my shadow.  :-)  Napping in her create goes well especially when the others are with her.
We have had alot of kid visitors which she LOVES!!!  One night she went to the basketball gym with me and watched in my lap while my son played for 1 1/2 hours.  SOOOO good! So, I hope you will enjoy the update and know that she is being well taken care of and loved on 24/7!

Laura Wagner

Jax just amazes us everyday!  He has met almost every resident at work and you should see their responses!  Their faces light up and it absolutely warms your heart!  Although most of them are calling him "Jack" ... but that's close enough that Jax hopefully won't notice.  Jax has also won over Kate & Rylee (our scotties) ... so that is even more wonderful.  He is trying to train us ... he hits the door stop by the back door to alert us he needs to go outside!  He is so smart that he amazes me everyday!  He comes on command and he leads beautifully on a leash ... he understands "no" ... definitely intune to verbal commands.  Still not enjoying his crate at night, but I haven't given up hope ... I feel that every puppy needs to be crate trained.  Just wanted to give you an update and to say "hi" and that we love, love, love our BOY! hugs,carla

Harley is perfect and he is so smart we think he should go to college except Maria would never leave him alone.
We were just talking about calling you to see if its too
early to get a trainer. He already knows how to sit and is very close to being house broken. No accidents except a little pee now and then when we leave him in the kitchen too long. This hasn't happened in a while though. Always goes to the back yard and comes and tells us when he needs to. In fact he will bring Maria his leash at times.
We are having a great time with him and are all in love with him.
He watches tv with us too sometimes. We have taken him to all vet
appointments and our vet says"he's a winner". We have pictures and I will get maria to send some.  He is getting bigger and gained a couple of pounds. He already outgrew the first bed we bought him so we got a little bigger one. In other words he now runs the place!! Ha
He is a real character and when you talk to him he looks you straight in the eye and seems to understand. He turns over for everyone to get a tummy rub. When he
finishes his food and water he picks up his dish and takes it to his crate. He sleeps in his crate almost all night and does not soil his crate and holds it for almost 6 hours or more. He is very active and plays with all his toys. We switch them off every other day. We have not taken him out to see other dogs in the neighborhood just to be cautious. He runs around in the back yard when we watch him or on a leash in the back yard. He growls like a big dog when he plays but rarely barks. Not yet. He does not whine at night and seems content when we put a towel over the top. When we tell him "do you want a treat" he goes straight to his crate , eats the treat, and knows it's time to go to sleep. I guess you could call him perfect. I could write more but will save it for later. Regards, Ed and Maria
I just wanted to let you know that Cooper is doing great and we are enjoying him so much! He has added so much fun and laughter to our home. He has a special relationship with each one of us and gives us all so much love. His Crate training is going very well, we just today removed the divider from the crate, so we'll see how he does with more room to move around. He just got big enough to jump up on the sofa, at first he needed a running start but now he can hop right up from his standing position. I'll be in touch. Cindy
Just wanted to wish you and your hubby a very merry Christmas and give you an update on Oreo Cookie.  At not quite nine months old, she is about 16 - 17 inches tall (hard to tell because she won't stand still) and 18.5 lbs. Oreo is quite well behaved, not too mischievous, and is learning quite a few commands and tricks including sit, shake a paw, lay down, stay, roll over, come, heel and speak.  She is a very social dog, but is also quite timid, although she is starting to assert herself more with other dogs.  Oreo goes to "doggy daycare" about three times a week while I'm at work and loves playing with all her puppy friends there.  She also has a few neighborhood dog friends that she plays with several times a week in the evenings.  One of her favourite things to do is to run through the forest looking for birds, squirrels and rabbits to chase.  If she can't find any animals, leaves will do!  She had a blast playing in the snow when it snowed here in November.  Everyone comments on her beautiful colour wherever we go.  I thought she would be my boys' dog, but she thinks she is one of the kids and follows me around everywhere.  We all love her very much!

We love our baby boy sooo much! He's been awesome!
Kingo was greatttttt! He even walked in crate on his own last night. I really think he could've gone longer than 4 hrs last night but didn't want to risk on the first night. He suits our personality well. Has not had an accident in the house at all! Has gone relieve himself twice. He is truly the easiest and sweetest puppy yet!  I'm teaching Bella  to get used to to being gentle and also I caught her with a book pretending to read to him while he layed on his day bed! Soooo sweet!
Thanks for everything.

We are the lucky couple that have Tootsie and Snuggles as a part of our family.   Tootsie was the first doodle to come and live with us.  She is an awesome pet and made an easy transition into our routine.  We love Tootsie so much that when Snuggles became available, it was an easy and fast decision to have her join us as well. They play so well together and are so lovable, adorable, and well socialized.  We take them everywhere with us; to the Pet Store, local restaurants that have outside seating, boating and car rides.  Also, both dogs are so intelligent and very easy to teach new tricks.  We are sure that they have passed down these great qualities to their puppies.  Those of you with one of Tootsie's or Snuggles' puppies must be enjoying them as much as we enjoy their mom's.     
A lot or research took place before we settled on trying to obtain one of Valerie's doodles.  Our focus was to use a breeder that took their profession seriously.  We certainly made the right decision when choosing to adopt two of Valerie's doodles.  Valerie not only is an excellent breeder but she also has a wealth of information on any pet situation you may have and is willing to share.  We cannot thank her enough for all of the love and care she offers to each puppy...................that is why we all have such wonderful pets.  Thanks again Valerie, Sincerely, Rick and Karen

Hi Alison & Jeff ..... Chobee is doing great in training classes.........I know he will succeed in
getting his Canine Good Citizen too! .........they are such smart animals wish more of them
got the opportunity to get more training. You are doing an outstanding job with him.
Chobee is a real beauty too!
thank you for keeping in touch it means so much to me......... hugs, Valerie

We thank Tootsie for such a wonderful son.   Cory is more than we could have ever imagined.  He is so bright, beautiful, friendly,loving and really a good boy.  Almost everyone that meets Cory cannot believe what a happy and loving little guy he is.  He sleeps with us and is really one of the family.  If he sees Erwin kiss me, he gets right between us and gives us kisses.  What joy he has brought to our life!  He must have inherited his Mom's wonderful personality.

Thank you Valerie for giving us the pleasure of adopting him.

Our love and best wishes go to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas and God's Blessings in the New Year.

I'm attaching a photo of Cory and we'll send more after Christmas.

Vera & Erwin

Marley….where to I begin?  We had no idea that we would love a dog so much!  Steve and I have both have had a lot of dogs over the years but we both say quite often to each other that we cannot believe how attached we are to Marley.  He is such a wonderful dog and he is such an asset to our family.  Ellie and Hannah love him so much and Ellie has totally changed around him.  She is always around him and she always wants to hold him and lay on the couch with him.  He is so smart and so loving.  I walk Marley every night around 2.5 – 3 miles with my neighbor and her dog and she is helping me with training.  Marley is learning to heal, stay and lie down.  He is doing so well that it’s hard to believe he is only 4 months.  He was completely house broken in about 2 weeks and now he goes and sits in front of the front door when he needs to go out.  He will begin obedience training with us in a couple of weeks.    The  Christmas picture was the one I used in our Christmas cards.  So many people asked if he was a stuffed animal!!!!
We cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful dog and for such a wonderful family member!  He is very spoiled and he loves every second of it!

Smalls is such an amazing puppy! We could not be more thrilled with him! I cannot thank you enough for how wonderful he is, all the great advice you have given us so far, and for all the future calls/questions you have offered to answer J He is so adorable, such a sweet little guy, and is friendly to everyone who has come over to welcome him home. The boys are so excited to finally have a dog of their own and Smalls is so loving and playful with them. I’ll send you pictures of Smalls and Cabo as soon as I get together with Kelly.
Take care and talk to you soon (I promise!!) xoxo

  We have been really busy, but she is the best thing that has come into our world. We love her so much, I spent the last 2 days with just her and I. Now she follows me all over like she did you, at night put her into the cage to sleep, she doesn't cry just sleeps good, we have never had a accident yet, she is so good. Now her poop is solid like it should be, when she is done she comes running to me like I am a big girl now. I get down on the floor and play with her most of the time.  So now I know God was looking for us, and along comes the dog we had prayed for. But its due to you by knowing what you do about breeding dogs, the knowledge you have and the heart you have so you were dead on about CC coming to live with us. I felt so bad when you left, as felt the pain in your body leaving her behind, but you knew she has the best home possible.

 We have been really busy, but she is the best thing that has come into our world. We love her so much, I spent the last 2 days with just her and I. Now she follows me all over like she did you, at night put her into the cage to sleep, she doesn't cry just sleeps good, we have never had a accident yet, she is so good. Now her poop is solid like it should be, when she is done she comes running to me like I am a big girl now. I get down on the floor and play with her most of the time.  So now I know God was looking for us, and along comes the dog we had prayed for. But its due to you by knowing what you do about breeding dogs, the knowledge you have and the heart you have so you were dead on about CC coming to live with us. I felt so bad when you left, as felt the pain in your body leaving her behind, but you knew she has the best home possible.
Thanks again Valerie as you are just a caring person.
Hugs and love from CC & Dar


Hi Valerie
 All is good!  Saw the vet yesterday, and Maxwell is very happy and we are all adjusting well. Just one photo now ,but many more to follow.  Fluffy is a little jealous, but getting better daily--they will be best friends

Cory is an absolute joy and we love him more every day.  He is so bright and enjoys our home and being a frisky puppy.  Erwin teases me that he is a mommy's boy but that makes me proud.  He has adjusted so easily.   We thank you for your training and love.  Cory is a reflection of your caring attitude.  
I know you were sad to see him go but rest assured he is happy, playful, extremely bright, adjusting well and a real cutie.

Have a good day and thanks again for bringing such a well trained puppy into our lives.

Cory had his exam today and the Dr.was very pleased.  He was so good even when he had his shot.

Thanks again,  He is a true joy. Love,

We can't thank you enough for everything!!!  Tootsie's Yellow Boy (CABO) is doing great!  He is napping under my chair as we speak.  He has to be the most lovable, gentle, smart puppy we have EVER seen!  Potty training is going well and our first vet visit was perfect.  Everyone who sees this dog wants to know what kind it is and every comment has been about how adorable he is.  We are biased of course, but agree. He can sit, lay down, and fetch on command and knows his name.
You have given Hadley a baby brother and she takes her role as big sister very seriously.  Always helping out with the puppy and wanting to see him first thing when her feet hit the ground in the morning.  He follows her around as if already protecting her.  Too dang cute. 
Cabo is eating like a champ and weighed in at 12.6 lbs on Tuesday.  He loves his crate and slept 5 hours last night and until 7 this morning.  Cabo loves his toys and anyone he meets. He never meets a stranger and has brought significant joy to our daily routine.  All this in only 5 days! 
We also had our first bath and that was even easy.  The love that he shows for us and that we have for him are apparent.  We are one big happy family.  This puppies transition has been nothing short of impressive.  Cheers,

Hi Valerie, hope all is well and your travels were safe. I just wanted to share with you what an amazing pup Colt has been. Saturday and Sunday night he went 7 hours straight without having any accidents or crying or asking to get out of the crate. I thought you would get a kick out of that. He has already become a part of this family and we love him dearly. He isn’t eating as well as Id hoped, but I found that if I sit next to him, he eats a lot more. I will be taking him to the vet today and will be in touch soon. I wanted to send pictures but I haven’t had the time to download them to my computer yet. Its been a crazy weekend as you must know. Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family.  Alice



Dear Valerie: We are so in love with our Nea or "noodle" as we sometimes call her.She is such an amazing dog with the perfect temperament. She is super affectionate, loving, and so smart! We can't thank you enough for our furry family member. She has become a pro at swimming in the ocean with us. She LOVES fetch and jumps to show-dog heights, which is so fun to watch. She is our baby girl and we just can't get enough of her. My father recently had a massive stroke and Nea has been by his side throughout his recovery. It is truly amazing to see what healing qualities she has and how her presence brightens his day. During the first crucial weeks of his recovery his response to her was incredible and Nea continues to have a special bond and gentle touch with my father. She is truly therapeutic. We are just head over heals for our Nea! Love, Melisa & Matt, Surfside FL