At this time we do not have any puppies waiting for a Guardian Home. However we have new litters of puppies that may have one we will hold back? If you think you might be interested contact me 239-425-5897 Valerie and send me an application.
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Memory Lake’s    Guardian Home Program.
We do not believe in kenneling of our dogs.  We believe doodles living with families that are given proper socialization, stimulation, and training, mature to be a well balanced, happy, healthy pets.  The BEST possible puppies are produced by healthy, happy, socialized adult labradoodles. That is reason we look for good families to join our Guardian Program which benefits all involved, the labradoodle, the family and the breeder.

Our breeding program is designed around our ability to utilize guardian homes for our breeding dogs.  This program is designed this way to benefit everyone, especially and most importantly the dogs, who are raised in a home with a family instead of a kennel.  Think of it as being a foster family with the intention of adopting the dog permanently once their career is finished.  Guardian homes are meant to be permament so that the dog does not need to go through a stressful re-homing.

 Price for a guardian homes is $1500. for doodles that become breeders for our program.

FEMALE doodles are required to produce 2-3 for our program, litters born/raised in our home.
MALE doodles once beginning stud service, continue for 4 yrs. in our program.
The guardian family is responsible for all the routine costs of owning a dog (regular vet expenses, vaccinations, heartworm ,  flea/tick preventative, food, training, professional grooming etc.).
We pay for all breeding test expenses.

REQUIREMENTS:  we are very particular about guardian home for our doodles SOME requirements  are...

*interviewed by breeder and stay in close contact with us throughout contract
* live within reasonable driving distance and be able to bring doodle to breeder when necessary
*own your home and have a fenced in area for doodle
* feed a diet approved by the breeder including NuVet Plus supplement
* must provide nec
essary socialization and training recommended by breeder (commands sit, stay, come, no leash pulling)
*provide veterinary care when needed and send updates to breeder
*keep coat in good shape, follow breeders guide lines for keeping length needed for website photos
*contact breeder each time  a female begins her heat cycle
must never allow a female in heat during her cycle outside home unsupervised by adult or near a male not neutered
must never allow a male to be around females that are not spayed
*Read, and Sign Legal Contract stating all the requirements of caring for our Labradoodle.

Interested in becoming a Guardian Home , complete a PUPPY APPLICATION (first step) once I receive that I would contact you to talk about program and answer all your questions.                       We have several guardian families for all our male & female breeders. Please go to to see all our doodle families and learn more about us there.

 If approved , we would be happy for you to  join our Memory Lake Labradoodle Guardian Families.

A guardian homes must live in Florida.  

 Call for information 239-425-5897