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Older Doodles

Our home is NOT a kennel or facility with dog cages, inside or outside runs, etc.
I know first hand how scary adopting a puppy can be for your family, there are more unethical breeders out there then I want to think about and sadly the numbers are growing.

Our breeding program is not unique and it has taken 8 yrs. for me to perfect what I believe is the best life for our breeding doodles. To begin we do not have more doodles with us than we can handle at any given time. Every Momma doodle that stays here while raising her puppies are given the best loving care possible. We make keep a quiet, clean and healthy environment for them.
We provide live stream cameras in their whelping box, so guardian families as well as future puppy owners can view the care the Momma's and their puppies are given. I sleep in the bedroom with the Momma's getting ready to whelp and throughout the delivery of her litter, until both Momma & puppies are doing well.

When our future breeder doodles are growing up they come to visit me for grooming, pictures or when they need to go Vets for breeding tests that are necessary to be approved to enter our breeding program. I also visit them at there home. This way we continue a relationship.

My Guardian Families are really incredible people with big hearts. All of them are very enthusiastic about their doodles and each one of them believes their doodle is the BEST!
It gives me great pleasure to share these doodles and experiences with all of them. I appreciate the loving family environment, all the work they put into training and socialization of each doodle.  As I have said many times "adult labradoodles that are happy, healthy, loved and live a family lifestyle produce the best possible puppies".

Please let me know if you would be interested in becoming
 part of our  Guardian Home Program .
Here is an application for you to fill out and email it to me   PUPPY APPLICATION   
I would be happy to chat with you about the possibilities.

                                Guardian puppies 2016  updated
                            A guardian homes  you must live in Florida.  
                                                                 Call for information 239-425-5897 
                   or email me