Delilah is retired and lives with her family in Naples, Fl.  When Delilah retired her  2 daughters, Zena & Lizzie took over.


Reg# ALAA 018544
Born: 01/03/10
Parents: Memory Lake Snuggles & Our retired Beau
Color: Chocolate & White Parti
Coat: Fleece
Height: 15 1/2"
Weight: 15 lbs.
Health Testing: OFA reading Dr. Wallace NY Radiologist Hips Excellent, elbows, patellas, CERF,Thyroid normal, PRA, Cardiac,

Dolly is a quite an athletic doodle that loves playing ball, just like here momma, Snuggles.
She is a sweetheart with round soulful eyes that steal your heart.
 Dolly lives in a guardian home with Donna, Don & Bailey (a golden) who Dolly loves. She is our smallest mini.  Dolly loves her family and they love and adore her too!

Dolly lives with her guardian family the Ellers' in Powder Springs, Ga.

Reg# ALAA 019171
Born: 03/29/10
Parents: Tegan Park Tootsie Roll & MacGuire of Atlanta Doodles
Color: Rare dark Chocolate bbEE carries the parti gene
Coat: Fleece
Height: 16"
Weight: 30 lbs.
Health Testing OFA reading Dr. Wallace NY Radiologist Hips Excellent, elbows, patellas, CERF,Thyroid normal, PRA, Cardiac, 

Pebbles is a solid, big boned, stocky mini girl with a fabulous thick big fat curl coat. She has produced two large litters of 12 & 10 and is a wonderful Mom.
She has a loving serious expression that just make you want to hug her but being shy our family is the only ones that get to enjoy her loving personality. She loves all puppies and will gladly help out any Momma with their litters.

She is so smart, seems to read my mind before having to tell her.


Reg# ALAA 021301
Born: 11/11/10
Parents: Memory Lake Delilah & Southern Charm Cooper
Coat: Fleece
Height: 18"
Weight: 30 lbs.
Health Testing OFA reading Dr. Wallace NY Radiologist Hips Excellent, elbows, patellas, CERF,Thyroid normal,Cardiac, PRA,vWD cleared by parentage  

Lizzie is so much like her Mom & Grandma always wanting to be with people and loving attention. Her beautiful green eyes are always staring right into yours.
She has an amazing super soft, very thick coat just like her daddy, Cooper. She is a very solid built girl with big boning.
We can't wait to see the puppies she will produce in winter of 2012.

Lizzie lives with her guardian family Steve & Judy in Canton, Ga.

Tootsie mow living in Cape Coral with her family and her  buddy  Snuggles TOO!

When Tootsie retired her daughter, Pebbles took over.

Before Tootsie retired she meet the famous football player, Ernest Graham, of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Snuggles lives in Cape Coral Fl. with her buddy Tootsie!
When Snuggles retired her 2 daughters, Patches & Dolly took over.

Marly lives with Hair Family, in Plant City, Florida.
When Marly retired her daughter Delilah took over who
is retired  too and living in Naples, Fl.

Patches is now retired due to her ruptured uterus during her 2nd litter. She had a litter or all males so we don't have a female to follow Mom's footsteps which is a shame. We have her sister Dolly to keep the genes going.

 Patches is now living in Roswell, Ga. with the Gilbreath Family. A great guardian home for one of our upcoming females, Tessa.

Reg# ALAA 022926
Born: 01/12/11
Parents: Memory Lake Zena & Mill Creek Denzel
Coat: Fleece
Height: 16 1/2""
Weight: 20 lbs.
Health Testing:  OFA reading Dr. Wallace NY Radiologist Hips Good, elbows, patellas, CERF, PRA,vWD cleared by parentage  

She is so sweet and very outgoing, she loves everyone she meets. Her coat is a beautiful caramel soft fleece.
Allie lives with the Fairchild family in Ft. Myers, Fl. they are an awesome guardian home that have trained Allie to be an outstanding doodle.
She lives with a young boy, Braden, that she adores.
Allie is very easy going, well behaved, and a real pleasure to have around.

Wishing on a "Star"

Reg# ALAA 025542
Born: 10/29/11
Parents: Memory Lake Pebbles & Our Trophy Troy
Color:Chocolate Parti
Coat: Fleece
Height: Predict 17"
Weight: Predict 28 lbs.
Health Testing:  OFA reading Dr. Wallace NY Radiologist Hips Excellent, elbows, patellas, CERF, PRA,vWD cleared by parentage 

We look forward to Star's first litter in summer of 2013.

Star is built solid like her Momma Pebbles and looks like her too. She is a confident girl, very outgoing, loves everyone.
She lives with her wonderful guardian family Barbara & John in Neptune Beach, Fl. Star is outgoing, lovable, and smart, she has a thick, soft fleece coat. We can't wait for her first litter of puppies in summer of 2013.

Welcome to...

                                                                             Memory Lak
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ESTABLISHED 2005

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Our Dams


Our Wonderful Breeding Females

Memory Lake Cupie Doll                "Dolly"

Dolly 1 Year Old.                                                    4 wks. old  

Memory Lake Precious Pebbles      "Pebbles"

Memory Lake Lovin' Lizzie
   1 1/2 yrs. old


 6mos. old                             3 mos. old
Memory Lake Sunshine Allie            "Allie"


1 yr.old                                 3 mos. old 




Future Breeders

Thank you
Momma's for all the fabulous puppies you brought into our world which has made so many families happy......and for the great breeders you gave us to follow in your footsteps.
You will be in our hearts forever, we love all of you!

Memory Lake Parti Patches 
Yes our Patches was a Labradoodle Calendar Girl!  

Sad but true Patches in now Retired!

Memory Lake Darlin' Delilah

Tegan Park Tootsie Roll

Memory Lake Snuggles

Memory Lake Darlin' Delilah with Momma
 Double D's Marly both retired in Fl.

 Marly with her pup Delilah     Delilah visiting Mom, Marly
 Feb. 2008
                                       July, 2010