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Current Puppies

»            Welcome to Memory Lake Labradoodle breeding Labradoodle puppies since 2005 Our labradoodle puppies and adult dogs have always been born and raised in our homes in Canton, Georgia or our SW Florida home. We are serious breeders that believe adult labradoodles that are happy, healthy, and live a family lifestlye produce the best possible puppies for adoption.

We all know that labradoodle puppies need proper attention during their early stages of development but so do adult labradoodles to remain happy, and well socialized. The best way to accomplish this is to place a few of our upcoming breeding dogs in guardian homes. We are always interviewing families to join our program. Our families are dedicated to training, socializing, and caring for the health of our future breeding labradoodle just as they would for thier own family pet labradoodle.

Sometimes we even have an adult labradoodle that retires from our breeding program that need loving family wanting a home trained doodle. Would your family rather not go through the labradoodle puppy training stages, contact us.

We can ship our labradoodle puppies directly from Atlanta Airport to you. Or you can drive to us to pick up your puppy, we are within driving distance to Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

We are proud to be an accredited member of these premium labradoodles organizations
and to be an
breederfor health testing excellence.
To produce healthy puppies you must first have healthy parents!

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                                                All of our puppies are $2500. Multi Gen Labradoodles
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                                      Pebbles & Reagan born March 26th
                                        ALL PUPPIES HAVE GREAT FAMILIES  
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           Memory Lake Precious Baloo



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